The story of our company has started with its creator - Jully Khamula.
The move into interior design was inevitable as Jully's air for the creative was cultivated at a very young age while attending art school from the tender age of five, where there was a heavy focus on the arts.

With nine years of architectural training in Minsk in Belarus, she started working in the industry and soon realised that although she enjoyed construction, there was something lacking. "I felt like something was missing. Colours, textures, designs… these are all the things that transform
a building from bricks and mortar to a place to you want to spend time."

After working in architecture for a number of small firms, she moved to one of Minsk's largest construction companies with over 3,000 employees. This gave her the opportunity to join the interior design team, and from there, she never looked back.

Jully moved to Malta five years ago when she was invited to visit by a friend. She immediately fell in love with the sandy colours of the limestone and the way the light fell on the baroque architecture of Valletta. She worked with a number of local architects to start off with, and eventually set up her own design company in 2019. "Although the company is still young, it incorporates nine years of architectural education and 11 years of interior design, which is what has made it so successful."
We put our heart and soul into breathing life into a building and transforming it into a living space: a house into a home, a commercial space into a place that people look forward for going.

The idea is that people waiting to coming there because the atmosphere is pleasant. Understanding exactly what the space is intended for and the expected flow of people into the area is extremely important in creating a space that makes people feel comfortable.
Sliema, Malta
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