Area: 38 m2
Location: Naxxar, Malta
Year: 2022
Style: Modern contemporary, ECO
When I first time came on site, I saw plenty of tiny rooms in such a small area, during the first meeting with Toyah we took the first decision – to open up all walls and have one open space.

This created our first, but valuable step to a whole concept.

The style was chosen also throw discussion and Toyah knew already what vibe she wanted to have in her salon.
Light tones, dusty pink, olive, and tropical atmosphere – were our main indications.
We have two main areas in the open plan. First, welcoming with reception, pedicure area and bar. Bar made a central colour ascent in the whole project

The second area is a manicure area. An idea was to keep it balanced and light, not to have different locations for nail polish products, so I created a central arch with built-in shelves to fit all needed products. This became a central focus point and a feature of the manicure area.

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