Area: 161 m2
Location: St. Julians
Year: 2021
Style: artdeco with a touch of french
As the ceilings are quite low in Malta, in order to visually raise them we used a special system that comes originally from Ancient Egypt called coffered ceilings.
This gives an interesting overall look and expands the space even though the ceilings are originally only 2.6 meters.
In the decoration and lighting we used a lot of elements in art deco style such as bronze, velvet and marble. Everything here was chosen with a certain accuracy that gives chic and elegance to the whole interior.
The main concept idea of the apartment is a French interior with elements of art deco. Such fusion of styles gives you an unusual feeling of luxury and coziness at the same time.
Walls in the apartment are giving it featured look: one of them is made of wooden strip panels to gently hide the box room door, the others are designed with covings in a classic french way which gives a bit of aristocratic touch to the space.
The color scheme of the entire apartment is conveyed mainly by earth colors. The concepts of the bedrooms were chosen completely different. One is bright, with dark touches, in mustard and orange tones with brown elements. The other is light, white, with blue details in the textures of the cushions and decorations.
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