Area: 60 m2
Project: Office space
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Year: 2022
Style: Loft
When I first time entered future office space I saw stunning room with high ceilings, a lot of windows and beautiful view to a canal and Park Plaza Victoria hotel, over the years a long list of prestigious guests, from Louis Armstrong to Mata Hari, have visited the hotel which today enjoys its status as a National Heritage Site.

My idea was to combine old with new, inside to have LOFT modern office space with a view to classic historical buildings, to create a balance using interior design as a tool.
There is a brick wall as a main feature in the office space, complemented with black metal and wood furniture. Workspace placed near the window to have best light and view while working, lounge area is placed in the entrance of the office.

Neon sign and bright blue fridge are funky elements, that making space alive and lively. Office layout balanced and properly organized which makes it a perfect working space.

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