Area: 128.3 m2
Location: Ta┬┤-Xbiex
Year: 2020
Style: modern contemporary with a touch of loft
RAKETECH is a team of experts who truly care about helping everyone in FINDING BETTER WAY TO WIN.
It is located in the building of SOHO Office Spaces, that is why even though it is a separate project the main idea of the design was to keep the concept of the SOHO building.
The main concept and chosen styles of the project allowed us to combine different textures and colors and even some that at first you will never think can match together. RAKETECH is very modern, progressive and actively developing company and we wanted to implement this feeling in the project.

We used different materials: wood on the floor and in the finishing of the columns, bricks on the walls, concrete as a feature wall and, of course, bright colors and combination of different styles and textures in the furniture, which creates an interesting atmosphere, which is pleasant to spend weekdays.
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