Area: 49 m2
Location: Rabat
Year: 2019
Style: modern classic with touch of loft
The place is located in the most historical part of Malta - Rabat, it adjoins the ancient capital city of Mdina.
For the last 70 years it has been a simple bar for locals and now we gave it new name, new concept, but we kept the atmosphere of historical local place with its soul and story.
The project has pretty unusual design: maltese stone walls near the bar, continued with classic wooden panels, made the atmosphere intimate and romantic as in 60s. The owner of the bar is a fond of music so we put some Jimi Hendrix music records covers to let the guests immerse in an atmosphere of 60s.
Sitting area near the window is designed in contrast to it in modern classic style with a touch of loft.
On the floor I used wood like tiles, wood trips feature wall and loft lights. Colorful accents in chairs and sofas gave charm and reminder about bright colors and tastes of vines.
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